Slight weather delay- But quickly back at it!

Hi there!

Our home sweet home sign is still hanging strong!! Looks beautiful up here with all the snow.

We’ve had a slight delay these past few week in building due to a couple reasons. 1.) It’s been bitterly cold and we’ve gotten some snow days. 2.) We also had a delay in our lumber order. Since our floor plans on our main floor are so open, we needed custom fabricated trusses. (Very complicated roof… sorry boys!)

So the plan is… next week the steal frames and lumber will be delivered on site and our builder should start framing. The crane is already on site and ready to rock and roll. If all is well with the weather then it should take about 2 weeks. From there on out I believe we’ll be in the fast lane again.


Hopefully to be continued very soon.



Dan was on site yesterday to meet and greet the framer! 🙂 Here are some photo’s he took of the crane, lumber and steal frames!! Everyday this week they will be dropping off more loads of lumber. SO SO EXCITING!




Foundation and Basement walls

Every time I drive up to the house, (I can now say instead of “lot”)  I am in awe of the progress that’s been made. It has everything to do with Daniel and all his hard work. So far the contractors we’ve hired have been on the ball and getting things done so fast for us. It’s not easy on Daniel keeping up with the contractors, the township, his business, and his family at home. I can’t be more grateful for everything he does.

SO!  Whats happening?

The concrete walls are in. They were stripping the basement walls when we arrived today and hauling them out. We met our builder on site today to make some last minute decisions/adjustments.

Windows are ordered. I can’t believe we have total of 44 windows!  I can’t wait to move to the inside shenanigans!!! 🙂

Daniel and I have some homework to do. Priority is finding a front door and starting on the kitchen stuff. Ekkk!!! I’m so excited! I’m not one for all the fanciness but a nice, cozy farmhouse kitchen is what I’m thinking!!

Here are before and after pictures within the past 1-2 weeks.



In the second photo, lower right corner “box” is our two car garage. The rest of the framing is just the basement itself. We will be keeping our basement “unfinished” until we know exactly what we want to do. Our basement is a total of 1,585 sq ft.

Blueprints of our basement.

SO, what’s next?

Tomorrow, Daniel and one of his employee’s will be up the house to waterproof the foundation. After that our excavator will come back out to back fill the basement. Once that’s complete we will set the steal frame and our builder will start the framing. He said framing will take about 2 weeks!

To be continued…🙏


Hey there!

Progress is coming along on our “house”!

We had a teeny tiny minor setback but we are back at it. Daniel’s friend was up the lot over the weekend scooping the big rocks out of the ground. Unfortunately, he hit the stakes that were set on the corners of our house from our engineer, so we had to have them come back on site to reinstall them. Luckily, that same day our excavator got to work!

I was on site today to check out the progress. I got some great aerial shots of the .88 acres of land that was cleared for our house. Because of the walkout basement we had designed on our blueprints, we thankfully only have to dig 6 feet towards the front of the house and 2 feet towards the back. This was crucial for us considering Westrock Hill Township is full of boulders; everywhere. From the looks of it today I think we will be safe to say it doesn’t look like we need to blast through any granite.

Here are a couple before and after pictures of whats happened within the past couple weeks. 🙂


Here’s a short clip of them digging!!


They officially formed the foundation today and tomorrow they are pouring the footer’s! By next week they are hoping to have the walls formed to continue this amazing  journey!!


Here is a photo of the first moments of concrete hitting the ground. Daniel was up there to meet the inspector and check out the site. He sent me this photo today. (12.07.2017)

Daniel also met with our builder today and ordered the lumber. That is expected to arrive in about a week and a half. At the rate that we are moving, we might potentially have a full framed house by New Years!



With all the snow in the forecast we are so grateful to have our foundation complete!! 

Check back soon for some more action!!


A little off topic… but- WE’RE ENGAGED!

December 3, 2017


We were finishing up our weekend at the Pocono Mountains. Daniel, Jordan, Danny and I had drove up Friday night to spend the weekend together. What I thought would be just our annual Christmas tree cutting ultimately turned into a day I will never forget.

We arrived at Walker’s Tree Farm in Lehighton, PA, grabbed our necessities, and headed down Prancer Dr. We found two awesome looking tree’s right next to each other and got to work. I set up the camera to record our family ritual. Danny started to fuss. So trying to distract him I started singing, “If your happy and you know it.” He was getting better but his poor little hands were so cold. Jordan was holding the tree waiting for Daniel’s call to slowly push. As Danny calmed down a bit, I squatted down to see the progress of Daniel’s sawing, and he came out from underneath the tree and thats when it went down. 😀💍

I was in complete shock! It’s hard to get surprises around me and he did it!! How did he keep this in all weekend? After he asked, I don’t even think I answered till minutes later! I just cried like a BIG BABY!

Afterwards, we headed to lunch at Penn’s Peak in Jim Thorpe, PA which is where I took this photo.


Visiting Walker’s Tree Farm has always been a time in our relationship that I looked forward to. It was a time where I knew that he was slowing down at work. It was a time where we would get away and enjoy each other after the long work year. It would be weeks before we were going and I would always be reminding him, “X amount of days left till we cut a tree down!!”

He knew this was by far my favorite part of every year.

So where do we go from here?!

We are in no rush to wed; we have a house to build. But planning will definitely be in the works real soon.

To my dearest Daniel;

You’ve beyond exceeded anywhere close to my expectations of a man. You have shown me unconditional love from day 1. You love me when I’m at my worst, my best, and in between. We have learned that being away from each other is nearly impossible. That our time together is irreplaceable. I can’t wait to spend every rest day of my life with you. I LOVE YOU.

This Christmas will be very meaningful this year. This will be the first Christmas engaged, however, the last Christmas in our current home.

I made sure to take this picture of my ring hanging on the Christmas tree that Daniel proposed to me next to.



There are barely words that can express my happiness and gratitude I have for this man.


Land is cleared

The land is all clear and we are ready for the next step! Everything seems to be happening so fast now. (I hope I don’t jinx that!) Our land clearing company was determined to get this done QUICK for us! They even worked on Thanksgiving day. We are so grateful.

Now since I have something to compare it to. Here are before and after pictures.



Since we are on a roll we can’t stop here! This weekend, Daniel and his guys will be doing the stump grinding and finishing a rough driveway. Next week on schedule we have the Water Well drilling scheduled.

I’m getting anxious as the days go on. Everyday I leave the property I can’t wipe the smile off my face. I know this journey will fly by fast so I’m trying to take every special moment in one day at a time. I’ve started a rough draft on each room by room color, lighting, cabinetry color, knobs, granite color, carpets or tile, and more. I’ve been so blessed that Daniel has allowed me to pretty much design this home the way I imagined. He can care less what this house looks like. All he wants is the woods. Fair trade, right? He is one AMAZING and selfless human being.

Here is a video clip on of some drone action going up and down our driveway into the center of what would be our house. Once again, thanks for reading and I look forward to some more updates to share! XO


Day 1- In the books

And so we’ve made it. We made it to Day 1 of our forever.

Today, our land clearing crew is on site clearing the brush and cutting down some tree’s.

Last week Daniel was able to meet the engineer up there to help ribbon off the area. (Saved us some buck-a-roo’s) A few days after that Dan went back up there to mark some of the more healthy tree’s that he wants to keep to have carved in the future.

Over the weekend Daniel and I decided to buy a drone to snap some cool footage of building our home. Yesterday, I was able to get some cool shots but I wont share them until i have an after look. (Because it’s just a bunch of tree’s at this point.) I’m not super fast with it yet but once I get more confident, I’ll be flying that drone all over the property!

I have a lot going on with getting ready to host our last Thanksgiving at our current home now but I plan on trying to get up there tomorrow to take some shots of what the land clearing company did. Stay tuned my friends. ❤

♥ Dana

Image Note: To the right of my Jeep is where they plan on clearing the brush and tree’s so Dan can continue what will be a super private driveway. Towards the top of the image is our gate and to the right is our milling pile that Dan uses for the driveway.

One step closer

I can finally unravel my fingers. Yesterday, Daniel received the call. The township has approved our paperwork and it’s now time to start the fun!

Next week, our civil engineer will go on site to ribbon off the area’s where we need to clear the land and continue the driveway to our homes destination. Once that is complete, it will be time to BREAK GROUND!

“It takes hands to build a house but only hearts can build a home.”


Check out our video from today! Making one of many first memories in our own back yard!

To be continued…

The waiting game . . .

Finally, a moment to breathe; but not for long.

It was a lot to gather but we managed to get it done. Daniel has been on the ball every second and every hour of the day to get everything ready to start building.

green lane tree.jpg

We received our civil and storm-water management grading plans yesterday. Right after picking those up, Daniel and I drove to the township to hand them all permit applications, floor plans, civil and storm-water plans along with a sweet hefty check. Who would have thought you have to pay the township’s engineer to check our hired engineer’s work. Separate permit fee’s for each General Contractor. A “township” well permit fee on top of already paying a well permit through the Buck’s County Department of Health. I guess everybody gets a buck or two. SO ANNOYING!

Now, we play the waiting game.

The first time in 5 months where we have nothing left to work on… but to wait. There is no guarantee of how long the township will take on processing our paperwork but someone there did mention 2 weeks. Hopefully that is the case because the days are slowly approaching winter. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!

On top of the waiting game we are able to choose our house number! IT’S SO EXCITING! Something I would have never though I’d be doing.

Hopefully I have some good new soon!!

Stay tuned and thanks again for reading!

The 3 D’s

(Daniel, Dana, and Danny)


Building Your House — The Creator Writings

Building your spiritual house is easy. Bricks and mortar are your boundaries. Self-love and care are the windows on which you see your world. The roof is The Universe covering and keeping you safe from harm.  Making that house a home is creating what you want to experience.  Furnish it with love and invite family/friends that will add to Unconditional Love your show yourself and the world.  Clear the clutter by working on those negative aspects of yourself and, by all means, be comfortable in your own skin…..something that no one else can do for you.  If you need to, ask for help.  I am always there to guide and support you. ~ Creator

via Building Your House — The Creator Writings

It’s Happening~

September 25, 2017

We made settlement!

Four months later we finally have our forever. During these past four months of going through approvals, appraisals and so on, Daniel was able to establish a good relationship with the owner. He met Daniel on the lot one day to even walk him around. He gave us a referral to a civil engineer who already knew the property well. That was important to us because we are cutting close to winter time and need to get started immediately. During this time, Daniel was meeting several people up there so we had a few estimates to work with once we signed.

So we can officially say it’s the start of this wild and crazy journey ahead. It was the last hot day of 2017. Settlement was schedule for mid- afternoon. It took about 30 minutes! After settlement Daniel and I took a ride to celebrate on our land. We took pictures, popped some champagne, and Dan shot his gun. Visit my Instagram page @memorydowngreenlane for a short video clip. It sure was a day we will never forget. The second most best day of our lives to date.


To my dearest Daniel,

I wanted to say Thank you. If it wasn’t for your hard work and determination we would not be here today. Always reminding me that “this will pass” and we will have our time. Never doubting yourself and always staying self motivated. You inspire the people around you. I’ve seen it myself. You are a great mentor and a true best friend to me. Your authentic with your work and I couldn’t be more proud to stand behind you.

It was hard going to family functions, reunions, birthday parties, and even just being alone on the weekends without you. It was even harder to explain to family and friends where you were. Most of the time I was explaining and I didn’t even understand it myself. But you, you knew what you were doing. You were waking up every morning, lacing those boots at 6 am, all for our family’s future. Your 100+ hour work weeks for the last 10 years have paid off for you.

You are remarkable Daniel. I am blessed and utterly fortunate to have found you in life. You have taught me so much about life, people and most importantly myself. I commend you for always staying true to who you are. I can’t say enough of how proud I am of you. It must be the best feeling to have defeated anyone in your past who told you that you would be no one. To Danny and me, your our everything. I love you so much. I can’t wait for forever.

Since making settlement, Daniel was able to spread some millings out to fabricate our driveway. We made a family day of it. Our nephew, Jordan, helped load the equipment on the trucks and headed towards the lot with Daniel early in the morning. Danny and I came later on that morning to bring lunch. We had lots of fun watching the boys work, throwing rocks, and blowing bubbles!

We have our septic and final floor plans. We should be getting our civil plans by the end of the week so we can submit to the township! Stay tuned for some before and after shots!

Thank you for reading!

With Extra LOVE,

The 3 D’s