Moving right along…

I realized its been about a month since I’ve updated so today I went up to the house to take some pictures..

While I was driving down our street to get to our gate, not only did I notice the tree’s are in full bloom, but I also saw two little chipmunks running across the road. Daniel has told me about them while he’s been up there but this was the first time I saw them myself. They were SO CUTE! Also, with all this rain we’ve gotten, the streams up there are zooming!!

This stream is on the left from the gate

A lot has happened in the past few weeks. Our fireplace is in. We have our underground propane tank installed. We have our septic system installed and tested. Today, the electrical company installed the telephone phone at the beginning of our property. Within the next few days they will be installing the underground electric to the house. Also, the excavation company started grading the house, our back yard, and even started the storm water management plan.

You officially cannot see our house with all the tree’s in boom. This is the entrance to our house. Electrical pole on right.
Fireplace is in!
Picture taken from balcony. The lovely septic. 🙂

Pictured below is the other side of the house that I never got to capture on the blog.

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We have the township inspection this Wednesday and then we can continue making progress. After inspection we will insulate the house, have another inspection and then sheetrock goes in!

Until next time my friends! 🙂


Hooray, we have water!

We officially have water!!

The well drilling company was on site this past week and did such a great job! Luckily, they only had to drill 520 ft to get where they were hoping to be. Apparently, they did some drilling not to far from our house where they had to go well over 1,500 ft! Feeling super thankful for that!


Since my last blog, the stucco guys have completed the base coat (You can tell in the difference in colors of the house). This was done before the well was drilled; How without water? Well they used the creek that’s on our property. Pretty stinking cool!


Our security system is in and all ready to go. This week if all goes planned, a lot is going on. Dan is planning on digging the 400 ft long trench from our house to the road for the electric company and cable company to start their work. Our excavator will be coming back on site next week to do the final grading around the house and start the storm-water management plan.

The days are getting closer!!! 🙂



What’s happening in our haven

So it’s been a couple months since I’ve last posted a view of the exterior. Our stucco guy has wire wrapped the house and applied the scratch coat (I believe that’s correct). And so we are waiting for the warmer days to get started on the stone and stucco. “Come on mother nature!”

The day I went up to take these pictures it was SUPER windy outside. At one point as I was taking the side picture of the house I lost eye contact with the drone and freaked out! This is why I do not have a picture of the “other” side of the house with the garage. I landed, and headed back home.

If you noticed, we did receive and installed our front door. An all wood door with a transom. Daniel will be staining our front door into a dark rustic color. We have not yet had garage doors put in but Daniel and I chose them the other day so that’s super exciting!

Our Basement

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Interior of our home (second floor)

Now that you’ve all seen the main floor here is a look at our second floor.20180314_160718.jpgAs you make your way up the stairway and turn left there is a full bathroom and bedroom #4. Bedroom number four might be my favorite room upstairs. You have views from the from of the house and the side of the house. The 3 windows give it lots of light.

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From the right of the staircase is the open view of the great room and two more bedrooms. Bedroom #3 is also another great room. There are 2 windows that give you views of the front of the house. The closet is absolutely huge! I suggested this be our office and Daniel’s hunting closet. We shall see.

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Continuing down the hallway is Bedroom #2. The 2 windows in this room have a view of the side of our house. (Just more woods.) This will most likely be the guest room for now.

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Thank you for touring our upstairs.



Interior of our Home (First floor)

Hi there!!

I know it’s been awhile since I updated how the house is coming along. Wow, have we made some progress. As promised, I said I would move this blog inside; So come on in!

Front entrance
Two double front door entrance to our home. To the right of our two story Foyer is our formal Dining room which has two side by side windows that over look the front porch. To the left of our Foyer is our Den.

While designing this home, Daniel and I really wanted an open feel to each room.

Master Bed/Great Room
Through the Foyer you will find our Two Story Great Room filled with 2 skylights, 3 windows, a door to the deck, and a fireplace. To the left and down the hallway , through the double doors you will find the Master Suite. The Master Suite consist of our tray ceiling spacious bedroom which has 400 sqft deck attached, 3 windows (one Window seat), His/Hers Walk in Closets which continues through a sliding barn door to a whirlpool tub, double vanity and 5×5 Stand up shower.

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In this photo of our first floor plans you may notice room’s that were shown above. This is showing The Great Room open to our Kitchen. Our Vaulted Ceiling Kitchen has 5 windows and a sliding glass door that leads to the screened in porch. There is long, open hallway that eventually goes to another door entrance on the side of our house. In that hallway we have 2 double door pantry’s, a closet, a powder room, and the laundry room. The Laundry also has an entrance from the two car garage. Between the Dining room and the Kitchen we have a Butler Pantry.

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The exciting news is that I took these pictures in February and so much has even happened since then. They’ve worked on the deck outback and we have our rough plumbing, HVAC, and Electricity just about complete.

Once I have some more time to get up the house I will blog on another floor. These photo’s are going to be so much fun when we have a finished look.

As always, thanks for reading and sending all of your well wishes. A special thanks to Daniel, for all the hard work you are putting in to make this happen.

There are no words that can truly explain how much I am so fortunate to have you by my side. This ride has only just begun.


Roofing and Windows

Progress is coming along.

Today I met Daniel at the house to make some more last minute decisions. We are adding a bathroom in the basement and keeping the second floor hallway completely open to the great room.

While walking around the house today, I couldn’t help but to notice all the light that comes in the house. It’s so beautiful.

Here is a photo of the sliding glass door in our kitchen that will open to our screened in porch. I can’t wait to have them wide open and not worry about bugs!! You can barely see them in this photo but we added two skylights in the screened in porch area for those clear sky nights 🙂


What a completely different look the house has with a roof on and the window’s in.

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Since the outside of our house is close to being complete (other than cosmetics) I will soon turn the blog inside.

The best is yet to come!

We won’t have a complete outside look until the weather gets nicer. We plan on using stone and stucco. I cannot wait!!



We are taking advantage of these “good weather days”  because I believe it won’t last too long!

It’s been a week since they dropped off lumber and the steal frames and since then, so much has happened!! They really are doing an amazing job. 

I stopped up the house last week when they first started framing. Above are pictures of the steal frames set in the basement. Below is the framer’s getting the first floor set. These workers are so in sync with each other it’s amazing to watch. Everyone is doing something different and they don’t run into each other while doing them. It’s pretty cool to watch. 

January 24, 2018

When I went up to the house today I couldn’t believe it! The past 7 months looking at our floor plans on a big piece of paper has came to life. I feel so blessed to be building this house to our exact design. It’s truly a dream come true.

I met Daniel up the lot today to meet someone from the electric company. We first stopped at our soon to be neighbor’s house down the street who happens to be a taxidermist to drop off some friends. 🙂 I can’t believe we live so close. I see Daniel and him becoming good friends in the near future.

These amazing framer’s have just about completed framing of our main floor.

January 29, 2018

Walking through the house today with Daniel was surreal. I’m not going to lie some of the rooms we both thought looked so much smaller than we anticipated; however, apparently that is normal when it’s first framed. We shall see.

We also had a slight problem with the trusses delivery. They came down our street and stopped at the gate. The driver was concerned she would get stuck. We have a lot of natural rolling streams on our property and since it’s been so warm has made the entrance to our house very “mucky”. We are hoping we can find a solution to get them back there safely. Our framer said that they would need them tomorrow so we might have a slight pause again in building.

To be continued…


So it’s been 2 days since I visited the house and oh my goodness… another big smile on my face as I pulled up. The trusses were delivered safe and sound and the framers are halfway done the second floor! Take a look at these pictures from 2 days difference!

This is the back of our house. The opening on the left, second floor will be sliding glass doors that open up to our screened in porch. The room in the middle is our two story great room. Both with beautiful vaulted ceilings. The small opening between the two will be a door that leads to the remaining open deck. The opening (window) all the way to the right in the master bedroom.  I’m thrilled that we decided to go with a walkout basement. I can’t wait to sit on this deck with a coffee in hand.

This view just keeps on getting better and better! The framers were setting the trusses when I got there! They’re SO many!!!


Thanks for reading!


Slight weather delay- But quickly back at it!

Hi there!

Our home sweet home sign is still hanging strong!! Looks beautiful up here with all the snow.

We’ve had a slight delay these past few week in building due to a couple reasons. 1.) It’s been bitterly cold and we’ve gotten some snow days. 2.) We also had a delay in our lumber order. Since our floor plans on our main floor are so open, we needed custom fabricated trusses. (Very complicated roof… sorry boys!)

So the plan is… next week the steal frames and lumber will be delivered on site and our builder should start framing. The crane is already on site and ready to rock and roll. If all is well with the weather then it should take about 2 weeks. From there on out I believe we’ll be in the fast lane again.


Hopefully to be continued very soon.



Dan was on site yesterday to meet and greet the framer! 🙂 Here are some photo’s he took of the crane, lumber and steal frames!! Everyday this week they will be dropping off more loads of lumber. SO SO EXCITING!



Foundation and Basement walls

Every time I drive up to the house, (I can now say instead of “lot”)  I am in awe of the progress that’s been made. It has everything to do with Daniel and all his hard work. So far the contractors we’ve hired have been on the ball and getting things done so fast for us. It’s not easy on Daniel keeping up with the contractors, the township, his business, and his family at home. I can’t be more grateful for everything he does.

SO!  Whats happening?

The concrete walls are in. They were stripping the basement walls when we arrived today and hauling them out. We met our builder on site today to make some last minute decisions/adjustments.

Windows are ordered. I can’t believe we have total of 44 windows!  I can’t wait to move to the inside shenanigans!!! 🙂

Daniel and I have some homework to do. Priority is finding a front door and starting on the kitchen stuff. Ekkk!!! I’m so excited! I’m not one for all the fanciness but a nice, cozy farmhouse kitchen is what I’m thinking!!

Here are before and after pictures within the past 1-2 weeks.



In the second photo, lower right corner “box” is our two car garage. The rest of the framing is just the basement itself. We will be keeping our basement “unfinished” until we know exactly what we want to do. Our basement is a total of 1,585 sq ft.

Blueprints of our basement.

SO, what’s next?

Tomorrow, Daniel and one of his employee’s will be up the house to waterproof the foundation. After that our excavator will come back out to back fill the basement. Once that’s complete we will set the steal frame and our builder will start the framing. He said framing will take about 2 weeks!

To be continued…🙏


Hey there!

Progress is coming along on our “house”!

We had a teeny tiny minor setback but we are back at it. Daniel’s friend was up the lot over the weekend scooping the big rocks out of the ground. Unfortunately, he hit the stakes that were set on the corners of our house from our engineer, so we had to have them come back on site to reinstall them. Luckily, that same day our excavator got to work!

I was on site today to check out the progress. I got some great aerial shots of the .88 acres of land that was cleared for our house. Because of the walkout basement we had designed on our blueprints, we thankfully only have to dig 6 feet towards the front of the house and 2 feet towards the back. This was crucial for us considering Westrock Hill Township is full of boulders; everywhere. From the looks of it today I think we will be safe to say it doesn’t look like we need to blast through any granite.

Here are a couple before and after pictures of whats happened within the past couple weeks. 🙂


Here’s a short clip of them digging!!


They officially formed the foundation today and tomorrow they are pouring the footer’s! By next week they are hoping to have the walls formed to continue this amazing  journey!!


Here is a photo of the first moments of concrete hitting the ground. Daniel was up there to meet the inspector and check out the site. He sent me this photo today. (12.07.2017)

Daniel also met with our builder today and ordered the lumber. That is expected to arrive in about a week and a half. At the rate that we are moving, we might potentially have a full framed house by New Years!



With all the snow in the forecast we are so grateful to have our foundation complete!! 

Check back soon for some more action!!