The Start of Forever

It’s been 38 days since we first stepped foot on the Lot; 55 acres of pure bliss. Everything we ever dreamed of was right in front of us. The thought of building our own home was slowly becoming a reality. For Daniel to be able to walk outback and go hunting on his own property was always one of his biggest dreams. It just plain out felt right from that moment on.

From the second we opened the car door you could hear nothing but birds chirping, woodpeckers pecking, streams rolling, and then “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!”  I asked Dan, “What was that?” He smiled and said, “Gunshots.” I knew this is where we belonged.

We walked the Lot for over an hour. There is a creek that runs directly through the north end of the property. The property is abundant with white tail deer and wild turkey.


I started this blog because this could potentially be our forever. We have built our relationship foundation, our parenting foundation and now we are hoping to build our homes foundation from the ground up. I want to be able to share our up’s and down’s throughout the process of buying land and building a new home with friends, family, and curious bloggers. We are keeping our prayers tight and our hopes high for in just a few weeks we could be turning a new page in our lives. Stay tuned.


With much love and respect,

The three D’s

(Dana, Daniel, and Danny)




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